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Velo League of Racing

We are super excited to bring our new racing Velo League for all ages - Juniors, Elites & Masters. Bring your A game and your competitive spirit and be in to win!

Overall series cash prizes will consist of top three place getters and top three females from each grade. Sign up for the whole series and be in to win! Good Luck. Please check out the race series guide for more information.

Ever 5th Sunday 1 - 4pm
Starts May 26th 2024

Dates and Guest Race

Sunday May 26th - Snowball

Sunday June 30th - Madison

Sunday August 4th - Team Pursuits & Team Sprints

Sunday September 8th - Kilo's & 500m TT

Sunday October 13th - Omnium

Sunday November 17th - Match Sprint

Whole Series $100 per rider - register online or at reception before the event starts.

Accreditation Modules

Here is an outline of what each of the Accreditation Modules covers.

Please note: We need a minimum of four people to run an Accreditation session. Bookings are essential and need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. We do allow bookings on the day if there is space and enough people for the session to go ahead. 

Module 1: Accreditation M1 Introduction to Track Cycling

Your introduction to track cycling and getting started.

Here you will learn about the equipment, pedalling a fixed wheel bike, starting and stopping from the rail and riding on the track at a safe speed.

Module 2: Accreditation M2 Riding at a Safe Speed

Module 1 must be completed before booking onto Module 2.

Here we cover off riding at a safe speed on the track, riding in a line of riders, safe passing and getting a little higher on the track banking.

Module 3: Accreditation M3 Riding in a Group

Module 1 & 2 must be completed before booking onto Module 3.

This module covers riding in a group, moving up and down the track, passing riders in a group, lapping off in a pace line and testing your fitness.

Module 4: Accreditation M4 Fitness & Skills

Module 3 must be completed before booking into this module.

In this final module you put everything you have learnt into practice. The Grassroots Trust Velodrome coach will take you through a series of drills and traditional track events to test your fitness and skills. At the end of this module you’ll be assessed as to your readiness to ride the velodrome unsupervised. Once you’re signed off you are ready to join our Open Roll or Fitness & Skills sessions or keep riding the M4 Fitness and Skills class until you feel ready to advance to the next level.

How long is my accreditation valid for?

If you ride regularly, your accreditation remains valid and will not expire. If however, an accredited rider has not ridden the Grassroots Trust Velodrome track for a period of 12 months or more their Accreditation will lapse and they will be required to attend either Module 4 Fitness & Skills, or a Fitness Level class recommended by the Grassroots Trust Velodrome staff.

Please contact our reception team at if you are unsure as to whether or not your Accreditation is still valid.

Express Accreditation

Express accreditation is available on request for cyclists that have previous track racing experience or are accredited at velodromes around the world. Depending on your skills, you may or may not be required to do an on track assessment.

Riders requesting Express Accreditation must provide proof of racing / training on a velodrome of similar design.

Please contact our Head of Programmes & Coaching, Craig Rodger at to apply for Express Accreditation.


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