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Grassroots Trust Velodrome
complaints process

While we strive to make sure we provide great service and a safe environment at all times at the velodrome, we understand that every so often, someone might have done something that you didn’t like – so please, tell us about it so we can continue to improve on our service to you, our valued velodrome user.

When is it a formal complaint?

If you are concerned over a lack of action, a decision we have made or the standard of service you have (or haven’t) received from our team, then you might make a formal complaint.

How to make a formal complaint to Grassroots Trust Velodrome?

We value your feedback and strive to ensure your voice is heard. To provide us with your valuable insights, visit our website ( and follow the prompts at the bottom of the page. Your feedback helps us enhance our services and address any concerns you may have. Rest assured, we'll use this information to process your feedback promptly and confidentially. If you prefer direct contact, you can reach us by:

Phone: 0800 VELODROME (07 823 1421)


Mail: PO Box 919 Cambridge

Additionally, feel free to drop by and visit us at the velodrome in person.

We appreciate all forms of feedback it helps us improve our service and better serve you.

Next steps:

We will notify you that we have received your complaint within two working days. From here, we will investigate your complaint and speak to those involved. We aim to contact you with a response within 10 working days where possible. Some complaints take a little longer to sort out, so if that is the case, we will call you to update you as we go.

Still not happy?

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, please refer to 


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