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How aero are you?

The Grassroots Trust Velodrome is now offering a Track Aero Testing service, for those athletes who want to optimise their performance and test different positions, clothing, helmets and equipment to truly understand the fastest options for them.

What do you get?

30 min pre-test consultation to understand clients’ goals for the session and to develop run sheet and structure for the session. This can be in-person at the velodrome or virtually (via Zoom, etc.)

Client arrives at velodrome 45-60 mins before session is due to start – collect measurements (weight, etc.), instrument bike with Notio Konect and speed sensor, pair up client’s power meter to Notio app, and run through session plan. Client complete warmup on rollers.

2-hour (solo) or 3-hour (2-person) test session on the velodrome where we can test the aerodynamic impact of changing position, clothing, helmets, and equipment.

The test protocol involves a 12-lap steady state warm-up then 2 runs of 4-6 laps per change. Total of 6 runs (3 changes) per session.

A post-test report with a summary of your results and our positional/equipment recommendations. We will provide you with your CdA measurement for each run; plus what that means in real-world terms (i.e. power or time saving compared to baseline). This can either be done in person ~60 mins after the test completion; or it can be emailed to you if you don’t have time to wait around.


  • NZ$800 – 2-hour solo test session
  • NZ$650 – 3-hour, 2-person test session (NZ$1,300 for the pair)


You must have your own powermeter; and provide any equipment you want to test. All other resources and measurement devices are provided as part of the testing service.


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