APL New Zealand Grand Prix, UCI C2 class, December 9-12-2023. Register here.

Velobike Summer Carnival
6th & 7th December
5.30pm - 9.30pm

Entry Fee: $20 per session or $40 for both days.
Pay at reception on arrival.

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Velobike Summer Carnival

Join us for 2 days of midweek evening racing at the Velobike Summer Carnival on Wednesday 6th December & Thursday 7th December 2023. 

Register today for Mixed A & B Grade Enduro and Sprint events. We have your normal line up of enduro and sprint races plus a wheelrace, mystery race, sprinters longest lap and track stand competition. Riders Entrants fee $20 for one evening session or $40 for the two days. Pay at reception.

The very last race on the Thursday night will be a bucket race - the bucket is passed around the stands and the winner wins whatever is in the bucket! Gold coins appreciated.

Kickoff starts at 5.30 pm and finishes up around 9.30pm. We welcome all riders to enter if you are 17+ 

Entry is free for spectators - bring the family!

We have an awesome DJ,  family friendly food on the infield and inspiring NZ and international talent on the track.  Join us for a fun week of racing with the APL NZ Grand Prix C2 event on Saturday 9th December and Sunday 10th December.

Any event enquiries, please contact craig.rodger@velodrome.nz.